Areas of expertise

Editing Globally covers a particularly wide range of expertise. The lists here are not even complete! We can edit almost everything. So if you don’t see your topic or field listed, please ask us about it. We are always expanding our horizons, and learning more every day.

Among all six us, our general expertise includes:

architecture, art, biology, chemistry, climate change, communication and media studies, computing, cultural heritage, cultural studies, cybersecurity, economics, education and study skills, energy technology, environment and development, finance, football, foreign policy (especially Canadian, United Kingdom, and European), gender studies, global governance, global health, history, indigenous peoples, information security, information technology, international development and international development aid, international economy, international relations, law, literature studies, management and business, marketing, mathematics, media, Middle East affairs, native peoples, organizational studies, physics, politics, poverty, psychology, public policy, queer theory, race and ethnicities, research methods, sexualities, soccer, social cohesion, social policy, sociology and social theory, sports, the arts, theology and religion, transatlantic relationships, travel, women’s studies.

In addition, we have specialized knowledge in a number of areas: 

Medical, health, and medico-legal

Etty has in-depth experience in most of these fields, and particularly in medico-legal reports, and Janet has expertise in medico-legal matters and social policy:

anatomy and physiology, bioethics, complementary/alternative medicine, counselling, disability management, education, global health issues, maternal and child health, medical communications, medico-legal and expert witness reports, mental health, nursing, nutrition/food science, pharmacology, psychiatry, self-help psychotherapy, social policy and healthcare, sport and fitness.


All of these fields are within Janet’s particular expertise. A previous 20-year career as a lawyer means that most legal topics are familiar to her:

administrative law, bullying, constitutional studies, contract, copyright, corporate, criminal, criminology, cybersecurity, environmental law, ethics and jurisprudence, EU law, family, GDPR, governance, human rights, immigration and immigration policies (Canada, UK, Europe), insurance and reinsurance, intellectual property, international commercial, international crime, jurisdiction issues, investor-state arbitration, legislative issues, marine and shipping, NAFTA, TPP, personal injury and clinical negligence, policing, professional negligence, tort, whistleblowing.

Science and technology

Martin has a considerable experience with these fields from his career as a science teacher and a 35-year career working with technology:

astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer gaming, computing, electronics, physics, programming, software development, website development (css, html and javascript).

Trade non-fiction

Etty, Kelly, and Martin, in particular, have prowess in the following areas; the other three of us can turn experienced hands to at least some of these topics:

biography and memoirs, cookery and recipe books, dogs, entertainment, financial and business, food and nutrition, football, parenting, photography, popular science, self-help, spiritual.


Katherine and Kelly are the leaders in the fiction field, for all levels of editing:

adventure, children, contemporary and historical fiction, crime, detective, epistolary and fantasy, general fiction, literary, mystery, romance, science fiction, thriller/suspense, young adult.

School reports

Etty and Martin have become particularly adept and efficient at proofreading school reports. They have worked on over one thousand reports in the last two years and understand the very specific requirements of this kind of proofreading.

Educational publications

Janet and Martin have expertise in copy-editing, proofreading, answer-checking, and fact-checking textbooks for UK publishers, mostly for the international market, at all levels from primary up to A level and IB level in the following subjects:

biology, chemistry, history, information technology, mathematics, physics, science (general), sport, social health.

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