Services, rates, and definitions

Editing Globally's fees are competitive and are guided by the suggestions of the Editors’ Association of Canada and the UK Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading. These fees naturally vary with the scope and complexity of any given project. Each step in the editorial process takes a different amount of time (a heavy, substantive edit will take more time than a light copy-edit or a proofread), which affects the overall cost.

We are able to quote and charge in British pounds, euros, Canadian dollars, or American dollars. We can base our quote on the number of words or per project (once we see a representative sample to base the quote on). We are also able to quote on managing major projects (various stages of editing using more than one of the Editing Globally professionals). Please contact us for us a detailed quote.

Manuscript evaluation
A critical manuscript reading with a detailed report on all aspects of the manuscript (content, structure, plot, characters, setting, style, syntax, etc.).

Substantive, structural or heavy copy-edit
A 'big picture' edit focusing on the content and structure of the document to ensure a consistent and clear flow of thoughts, ideas, and actions.

Academic edit (with citations and references)
With special emphasis on the precise presentation of ideas and the consistent use of syntax and style, tables, figures, and references.

Medium copy-edit or stylistic edit (sometimes called a line edit)
Ensuring that the syntax and content are clear and consistent, free of jargon and clichés, while still retaining the author's 'voice' and appropriate reading level for a polished product.

Light to medium copy-edit
The 'nuts and bolts' of editing where spelling, punctuation, and grammar are corrected while maintaining consistency and clarity throughout.

The final stage in the editing process (after editing and layout) before printing where all corrections are checked, in addition to word and page breaks, cross-references, and correct placement of tables, figures, and end matter.

Creating a logical and consistent layout for a document, a complete book (interior), or a website; creating Microsoft Word templates and designing reports and training manuals from scratch.

Fact-checking and answer-checking
Checking facts in all kinds of documents using reliable sources to confirm that all facts presented are correct and up to date; checking answers in educational textbooks, workbooks, and revision guides and working through all calculations to ensure complete accuracy.

Available from French to English.

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